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Create and Win (CW)

The TAS Group's Create and Win program combines the opportunity management and account management best practices incorporated into Target Account Selling™ and Enterprise Selling Process, respectively. Create and Win provides a comprehensive sales effectiveness solution designed to meet the two most critical goals of any sales organization—creating and winning opportunities. Using this methodology, sales organizations will experience:

  • Improved bid-to-win ratios
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • More opportunities in the pipeline
  • Improved forecast accuracy
  • Greater revenue per employee


Create and Win consists of two types of learning experiences designed to maximize user adoption of the new process. The Create and Win approach includes:

  • Phase one, which includes self-paced eLearning and information gathering
  • Phase two, which is a three-day instructor-led workshop in which participants apply Create and Win principles to their own business

Sales Tools
Create and Win leverages several support tools, including:

  • An Opportunity Map that helps segment an account by summarizing where and what a sales team sells, as well as the status of the team's relationship with key executives, business partners, and account marketing activities
  • An Opportunity Plan that captures the essential information on an opportunity
  • An Opportunity Assessment that enables the sales professional to evaluate opportunities effectively
  • A Value Test that helps evaluate how an organization's products or services are differentiated from its competitors

Several follow-up workshops support the adoption and use of the Create and Win methodology:

  • Field Opportunity Reviews rigorously review three to five of a customer's Opportunity Plans for must-win deals
  • Field Account Reviews are led by a TAS Group certified Consultant and the customer's sales manager and include the review, improvement, and update of Opportunity Plans
  • Methodology Support Workshops help managers better manage salespeople in fully leveraging the Create & Win methodology

Based on sales and marketing methodology implementations at hundreds of organizations around the world, OnTarget has developed a consistent and highly effective change management architecture for implementing large-scale change in sales and marketing organizations.

More information on Create and Win you can find on this Create and Win datasheet. You need adobe acrobat to read this document.

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