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Enterprise Selling Process (ESP)

A sales process that enables sales teams to penetrate, cover and grow large strategic accounts.

Enterprise organisations consist of multiple business and service units distributed all over the world.

A holistic approach to managing enterprise accounts is required to succeed in this type of complex selling environment.

Enterprise Selling Process (ESP) is a structured methodology that enables virtual account teams to deploy their account resources to better penetrate and cover all opportunities.

ESP analyses the customer's key business drivers to identify selling opportunities throughout each business unit and provides a formal process for defining value from the customer's perspective.

Members of the account team learn how to look at the account as a marketplace and determine the full revenue potential.

To ensure comprehensive coverage of the account, sales teams are taught techniques for effectively utilising resources and working together cohesively to grow the client relationship.

According to Siebel's research study on "Selling to Senior Executives", there is an enormous loyalty gap between executives' expectations and the benefits delivered in a strategic business relationship.

Enterprise Selling Process is designed for virtual account team members who are focused on a particular enterprise account, including sales managers, account managers, field sales personnel, marketing and support staff.

ESP is a highly interactive, three-day training workshop wherein participants learn how to:

* Prioritise and focus efforts on opportunities based on the customer's needs
* Cover and penetrate multiple business units within the enterprise account
* Coordinate account team activities
* Analyse and develop key executive relationships
* Engage channel and alliance partners in the account * Create an account marketing strategy
* Build a detailed Account Map that identifies account-wide potential
* Create and implement a comprehensive Account Plan

Enterprise Selling Process (ESP)- enables sales teams to penetrate, cover and grow large strategic accounts.

Three-day, private workshop that gives an account team the tools and techniques for leveraging sales efforts across multiple strategic business units within the target account.

Enterprise Selling Process provides:
* Account Map that can be used a quick-reference tool for summarizing where and what a sales team sells and includes the status of the team's relationship with key executives, business partners, and account marketing activity.
* Account Plan can be used as a tool for planning, communicating, and implementing the team's approach to the account.
* Account Scorecard is a progress-tracking tool for use by the Account Team Leader and the Sales Manager. It sets a baseline and measures results as the Account Plan is implemented.

The Enterprise Selling Process methodology includes these reinforcement workshops:
* Managing Enterprise Selling Process Workshop: equips sales managers to reinforce the process within the sales organization.
* ESP Plan Review Process Workshop: teaches management and account teams to review and improve Account Plans.
* Field Account Review: led by a Consultant and the Customer's Sales Manager, to review, improve and update Account Plans.

More information on ESP you can find on this Enterprise Selling Process datasheet. You need adobe acrobat to read this document.

If you are interested in a program to manage a portfolio of accounts, take a look at Portfolio Management Process.

If you manage a territory of accounts instead of a portfolio or a single large account, look at Territory Management Process.

Management Programs (1 day)

I am also certified to lead the workshops where we teach managers how to manage the proces for ESP, called M-ESP (Managing Enterprise Selling Process).

More information on M-ESP can be found on the datasheet below:

Datasheet for Managing Enterprise Selling Process

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