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Welcome to the website of

The purpose of this website is to provide relevant information on sales, marketing and personal development...and to inspire you.

A lot of this information isn't new. It's my opinion that a lot of knowledge we need to improve our personal and working lives is available in many sources. Sources like books, audiotapes, cd's, video's, dvd's, music, magazines and many more. It's my goal to share this information with as many people as possible, off course mentioning where I found that particular piece of information so you can all have access to it as well.

This site will be built piece by piece, because I have to do it in my spare time....when I am not travelling. And when I have spare time the maintenance of this site competes with me spending time with my wife, my sons, my best friends and family..and with keeping up with all my own development. So please, if the site doesnt change quickly know what the reason is...and maybe you can helpme out by sharing your own particular pieces of knowledge with me. For more information on the training and consulting services we offer please take a look at De Zwarte Consultancy, for information on coaching and meditation please visit De Zwarte Coaching and for made to order paintings please go to De Zwarte Creations.

Language capabilities

Jan is capable of delivering programs in English, Dutch and German. The working area is Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Greece. Other countries depent on the language requests.
Also, when needed, we create custom programs to develop visions, mission statements, solve specific problems through facilitation and brainstorming / mindmapping.

Finally, if you are looking for some specific products that can help you in your business, let us redirect you to the Resources section. Here you find information about inspiring movies, great books and other resources for your own personal or business development.

Wishing you all the best, dream your life and live your dream, Jan & Jonnet de Zwarte.

All pictures on this website are Jan de Zwarte orginals. They are copyrighted.
Don't use them unless I give you permission to do so.

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