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Telecoaching -
Personal Coaching and Executive Coaching by phone

Coaching, both personal coaching and executive coaching, is done in very different formats. One format I have used over the last few years myself as a participant and am now offering more and more to my own clients is telecoaching.

The purpose of telecoaching is off course the same as regular coaching: helping and encouraging you to achieve your goals, your perfect life, solving issues where relevant and needed. Coaching is meant to help you create clarity on your current situation, help you to state very specific goals and inspire you to generate ideas how to go about it in the best possible way.

How to achieve what you are after with ease, grace and joy.

Coaching provides you the focus and accountability that you need to accomplish what you need.

Where some types of coaching require a personal meeting, others are well done over the phone, like "awakening to purpose" or "a perfect life".

A specific area where telecoaching for me has proven to be a great instrument is in relationship to one of my other offerings, the Quota Achievement Plan. In this specific type of telecoaching the coachee prepares a specific template regarding the sales quota they need to achieve in a certain time frame and together we analyse the sales territory and discuss the appropriate approach.

The big advantages of telecoaching are obvious: It's saves a lot of travel time for the coach and the coachee and it's relatively easy to schedule. All you need is a free time slot for 30 - 90 minutes, depending on the topic of the discussion.

As with coaching in person, preparation is the key to telecoaching. I suggest you read the article "how to get the most out of coaching" to understand how coaching and preparation go hand in hand.

One thing the coachee has to be very clear about is their objective / expectations for the coaching call. This means the opening of the call will be used to determine what we are going to talk about, and what the coachee expects from the coach.

During the call we will then spent time to discuss your current situation, and how that is different from what you really want. We'll focus on the options you have to start creating the desired outcome and make sure you define some clear first steps on your way of achievement.

At the moment I am considering to schedule the friday as my regular available day for telecoaching.

For more information on telecoaching don't hesitate to email me at .

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