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Territory Management Process

A practical approach for analyzing a sales territory's potential and developing an effective territory management plan.

Territory Management Process (TMP) is a practical approach for analyzing a territory's potential and developing a territory management plan that maintains and grows revenue by leveraging all available resources-branding, product marketing, resellers, and alliance partners.

Territory Management Process (TMP) consists of a two-day, instructor-led, private workshop
in which territory managers learn to coordinate plans that help grow new and existing markets.

Territory Management Process (TMP) provides sales people with the following tools:
* A Discovery Guide to capture key information about the customer's business to determine the fit of offerings, define value to the customer and set customer expectations.
* A Territory Plan for achieving predictable revenue streams in key market segments by outlining the responsibilities and actions needed to accomplish the plan, along with resources and time frames.
* A Territory Map that provides participants with a method for thoroughly understanding and segmenting their territory.

More information on TMP you can find on this Territory Management Process datasheet. You need adobe acrobat to read this document.

If you are interested in a program to manage a single large account, take a look at Enterprise Selling Process.

If you manage a portfolio of accounts instead of a territory, look at Portfolio Management Process.

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