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Portfolio Management Process (PMP)

A process for driving the maximum amount of revenue from a group of accounts, while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Portfolio Management Process (PMP) enables a sales professional to drive the maximum amount of revenue from a group of accounts while maintaining customer satisfaction. The process provides a structure for segmenting the portfolio of accounts, profiling the most important accounts, creating a coverage plan, and developing a strategy to drive revenue growth.

An instructor-led, two-day, private workshop that teaches sales professionals how to assess their accounts and apply the right strategies to each.

The Portfolio Management Process program provides:

  • Portfolio Map that matches appropriate solutions to account needs and helps identify total, portfolio-wide revenue potential.
  • 'A' Account Plan for each strategic 'A' account, emphasizing new business development and critical resource investments.
  • Portfolio Plan for 'B' and 'C' accounts.

More information on PMP you can find on this Portfolio Management Process datasheet. You need adobe acrobat to read this document.

Management Programs (1 day)

I am also certified to lead the workshops where we teach managers how to manage the proces for PMP, called M-PMP (Managing Portfolio Management Process).

More information on M-PMP can be found on the datasheet below:

Managing Portfolio Management Process

If you want some more information on De Zwarte Consultancy's training offerings, don't hesitate to email me at

If you are interested in a program to manage a single large account, take a look at Enterprise Selling Process.

If you manage a territory of accounts instead of a portfolio, look at Territory Management Process.

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