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An Introduction to Meditation

One thing I am very glad my own coach introduced me to in 1998/1999 is meditation.

After practicing meditation for a while, I felt more peaceful than I could ever remember.
I was totally serene, yet expanded, centered, mentally sharper, and somehow more in touch with myself….
engulfed in a very deep blissful calm state.

On this page I would like to give you an idea about

the various methods of meditation

the benefits of meditation and

how to practice meditation

Imagine yourself standing on the beach, watching the waves rushing to the shore, and then return back to the ocean. Feel the cool, pleasant breeze, and breath in the intoxicating smell of the ocean's water. Tune in to the feeling of calmness that you experience now. Stay with this image and feeling for a while. It is pleasant, isn't it?

It does not matter that this scene is taking place in your imagination and is not real. You have been successful in invoking feelings associated with being on the beach. You were engaged in some sort of meditation. Was it difficult?

In the last fifty years meditation has become popular, and people are becoming aware of its benefits. Many erroneously believe that it is only a means to relax the body and mind, when actually it is a lot more than this.
Life in the West is full of tension and rush, so meditation has become erroneously recognized as a technique for relaxation. Relaxation is very important, but it is only one of the by-products of meditation, and not the end aim.

There are many techniques of meditation. One technique may appeal to some and another method may appeal to someone else. It is not a matter of which methods is better. At each level of development, a specific technique may be more appropriate.

I found that specific sounds and vibrations used in ancient civilizations were used to open up the energy fields in the key meridiun points in the subtle energy body. When these energy centers, which are called chakras, open up, they allow the all pervading universal energy (also known as ReiKi) to pour in.

If opened using the right sounds and octaves, it will create a speed up in body mind evolution,
taking you to a higher state of consciousness.

One way of using sound for meditation is developed by Andrew Weil, another by Leanne Oakes.

Results of listening to these recordings are:

  • Very deep states of deep delta medatitive states – these states are not experienced by many….In fact very few reach these states of ultra deep, blissful silence. Brain function; you start to think very clearly.
  • Increases of benefit driven brain chemicals; including the types that make you feel very high on life, like endorphins and other chemicals such as DHEA which are proven to turn back your physiological clocks, increasing longevity and vitality.
  • Psychological patterns which are embedded in the deep parts of the subconscious; namely anger, fear, anxiety, sadness, drug and alcohol addiction, weight problems and self-limiting beliefs. (even negative programming you are not even aware of.); simply melt away like butter.
  • States of cognitive super learning, you become more creative and highly intuitive. Focusing on anything you want to excel at becomes much easier.
  • You become more Self-Aware. You tend not to dwell on the past or fantasise about the future, but become more embedded in the present moment.
  • The stress factor becomes a thing of the past, helping you to deal with the world in a much more calm and centered fashion. (Over time, you will find that you are very relaxed and much less tense, leaving you feeling more connected to the world in a spiritual kind of way);
  • Good things begin to cross your path, more frequently" ( it will seem as though there is someone “out there” looking after you.)

Experiencing these deep meditative states each day also provides a soothing break for your nervous system, one that your soul is always deeply yearning for, helping it to cause profound changes in the brain and your seven key energy centers allowing the universal energy to flow through you more easily.

Meditation is not difficult to learn ... look at Practicing Meditation.

And the benefits are great.

There is one other benefit that may dwarf all the others...

Meditating creates incredible positive changes in mental and emotional health...
and virtually eliminates all undesirable subconscious programming - even those stubborn unconscious programs which you are not even aware of.

Every time your brain creates new energy patterns in order to handle the increased energy flow coming up from the seven chakras– some of the psychological “garbage” you have hidden, deep in your subconscious mind – is brought up into conscious awareness, then fades away, as though you are gently, over time, rubbing it with sandpaper.

This is the cause of the most astonishing improvements in mental and emotional health you will ever experience. You will get “clear” of all the self-limiting garbage that was holding you back… allowing you to advance more boldy in life…without fear.

Imagine what you can accomplish in this fearless state of mind…

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