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Managing Sales Productivity (MSP)

Sales managers play a critical role in maximizing sales force productivity and improving profitability of business from new and existing customers. The role of the sales manager as coach has become even more important in today's fast-paced, competitive environment as sales force capability becomes a true strategic priority.

The TAS Group's Managing Sales Productivity program allows sales managers to maximize the performance of their teams through the use of knowledge, skills, and tools designed specifically for generating business improvements through professional salespeople. Sales managers gain a sharper understanding of their role and a greater awareness of the kinds of activities and behaviors that stimulate outstanding sales force performance at an individual and team level.


A three-day workshop guides sales managers through effective methods for improving business results. The workshop is offered in a private, instructor-led format.


During Managing Sales Productivity, sales managers develop a comprehensive Sales Operating Plan that outlines:
  • Revenue Objectives summarizing the amount and type of revenue expected from market penetration, market development, product or service development, and diversification (What are the companies Growth Strategies?)
  • Resource Plans outlining resource requirements in the areas of people, programs, materials and equipment, and funding to successfully execute the Operating Plan
  • Critical Success Factors in summary areas of people development, marketing, and support, without which the revenue objectives cannot be achieved

Upon completion, the Sales Operating Plan provides sales managers with a tool to communicate and implement a business plan designed to generate predictable and profitable revenue growth.

More information on Managing Sales Productivity you can find on this Managing Sales Productivity datasheet. You need adobe acrobat to read this document.

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