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We all need inspiration. I personally get a lot of my inspiration from reading books, listening to music and watching movies.

Some movies really seem to touch us. At least more than others. If you would like to receive a DVD with inspiring movies every month, look at Spiritual Cinema Circle.

On this page I would like to share with you some of the movies that ispired do something.

Sometimes a movie inspires me to do something small, and sometimes something big.

I sure hope these movies can inspire you as well.

What the bleep do we know

One of the most inspiring movies I have seen this summer (2005) is "What the bleep do we know". If you'd like to see it, you can buy it at Amazon. The movie shows us how certain moments in our lives are so engrained in our system (our brains), that we tend to respond to certain situations based on reflexes that we aren't even aware of.

When you are going to buy this movie, I suggest that before you see go to their website, , and download the study guide. Depending on your liking, read it before or after the movie, but it will greatly enhance your understanding of the movie.


Erin Brockevich



Pay it Forward



The Replacements

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